Sunday, April 20, 2008

I stuck my head into the small opening in the ahu above and saw a few bones. I thought they were probably from animals who had crawled in and died, so I grabbed the closest one and pulled it out. This was clearly a human femur. I'd forgotten that the ahu were used as burial chambers. I put the femur back and we hurried off, hoping not to be haunted by the ghost of an ancient islander.

The seven Mo'ai at Akivi. These are far inland, a mile and a half from the sea.

Also at Akivi. These are in a field along a dirt road. There was no sign along the road, they were just out there in the field. We were the only people at this site, as was the case for many of the locations on the island.

My dirt/sock line after the 13 mile walk around the Mataveri plateau.
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