Sunday, April 20, 2008

A view of Anakena beach from the north side of the island along the shore of the Mataveri plateau. The Poike peninsula is seen the the background. Anakena is the only beach on the island, the rest of the shoreline is pretty rocky. Note the small ahu in the foreground. Most ahu did not have mo'ai on them.

The desolate north side of the Mataveri plateau. This only reachable by horse or on foot. Not many locals, and very few tourists come to this part of the island, but I wanted to seen the whole island, so on my first day Andrew (a tollbooth operator from Wales with whom I ended up sharing a hotel room - long story) took a cab to Anakena, then walked around the north and west coasts of the island back to town.

A small cove along the north coast of the island.

A well preserved ahu at the cove in the previous picture.
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